VIDEO: Protesters at Biden’s Delaware Home

( – Radical anti-American leftism is coming back to bite even the highest-profile Democrats as President Joe Biden has just seen his Delaware home become the target of a pro-Islamist terrorist, anti-Israel rally of far-left and Muslim demonstrators.

See the video below.

Hundreds of individuals gathered near Biden’s residence in Greenville, a Wilmington, Delaware, suburb, on Saturday, voicing their disapproval of the United States’ continued backing of Israel amid its military operations against the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Democrat Delaware state Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton, a key figure in organizing this demonstration, voiced the group’s demands at the Secret Service checkpoint near the president’s house, The Delaware Republic reports.

“We come to demand a cease fire now. We demand an end to all military aid to the state of Israel. We demand an end to the cease on Gaza. And an end to the occupation. President Biden, you are our president. We demand these things of you,” Wilson-Anton declared.

The protest featured local and regional groups, including Black Mothers In Power, Delawareans for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace Philadelphia, the Delaware Working Families Party, and the PA Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The protesters placed white flowers outside the President’s home, signifying the Palestinian children lost due to Israeli counter-attacks in the Gaza Strip, which has been under Hamas control since 2005.

Dr. Afnan Albahri, a pediatrician in Delaware, shared her experience, wearing scrubs and a white hijab.

“How can I explain the pain when I clutch my phone in desperation, watching chest compressions on a 6-month-old stop and a time of death unable to be announced because their 3-year-old brother on the same stretcher was now unresponsive? How? How do I explain my translation that my counterparts in Gaza are screaming that they cannot secure an airway because there is so much rubble in it?” Albahri said.

Recent reports indicate escalating attacks on Gaza’s main hospital. On Friday, the World Health Organization disclosed that half of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are now non-operational.

Sarah Jones, originally from Wilmington and formerly associated with the University of Delaware’s Black Student Union and NAACP, also participated in the protest.

“I’m out here today because the Palestinian struggle is inextricably connected with the Black struggle for liberation and I’m a very firm believer that none of us are free until all of us are free,” she stated.