VIDEO: Tornado Destroys Entire Downtown

( – While an entire community was sleeping, a tragic accident unfolded during the weekend when a tornado wiped out a downtown stretch of Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Watch the video further down this post.

Drone footage and ground images revealed extensive damage along West Muskogee Avenue, including local businesses destroyed by the tornado. National Weather Service (NWS) assessment teams have identified damage consistent with an EF-3 tornado.

Across Oklahoma, widespread destruction and at least two people have been reported dead following 16 tornado reports. Likewise, the NWS office in Norman issued a breaking record of 59 Tornado Warnings during the severe weather outbreak.

NWS survey teams have confirmed EF-3 damage in Sulphur and Marietta, Oklahoma, using the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Further evaluation was necessary to determine whether the preliminary rating will be adjusted.

During a press conference in Sulphur, Governor Kevin Stitt confirmed at least one death in Sulphur, where the tornado caused extensive damage.

“Definitely the most damage since I’ve been governor that I’ve seen,” Stitt said during the conference. “I’ve seen a lot of damage. I’ve been around the state for, this is my sixth year, but what I saw in downtown Sulphur is unbelievable.”

The morning after the tornado, the owners of Mix Mercantile, a local boutique, found their business in ruins while owner Christy Morris shared images of the devastation.

The extent of the destruction is evident when comparing images from Google Street Maps before the tornado to those taken afterward.

As NWS teams continue assessing damage in multiple states affected by severe weather, Oklahoma has confirmed at least four deaths.

Several towns, including Sulphur, Marietta, Ardmore, Holdenville, Mills Creek, and Dickson, sustained significant damage. Governor Stitt declared a state of emergency for 12 impacted counties in Oklahoma.

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