NEW: Biden Hits 7-Decade Low

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s popularity has reached an unprecedented low, making him the least favored commander-in-chief at this juncture in his tenure within the last seventy years, which places him beneath the ratings of even Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.

A recent poll indicates that this may jeopardize his chances for re-election, The New York Post reports.

At age 81, President Biden has secured only a 38.7% job approval rating for the first quarter of 2024, as per findings by the Gallup Poll, which was released at the end of last week.

This score is notably three points lower than that of former President George H.W. Bush at a corresponding period in his presidency.

“With about six months remaining before Election Day, Biden stands in a weaker position than any prior incumbent,” the pollster commented.

In comparison, former President Donald Trump, who is competing against Biden for another term in the White House, had garnered a 46.8% approval rating at a similar stage in his presidency.

Even Nixon and Carter managed higher ratings, with 53.7% and 47.7% respectively. Dwight D. Eisenhower remains at the peak with a 73.2% rating.

The predictive accuracy of Gallup’s presidential approval surveys, which have been conducted since Eisenhower’s presidency began in 1952, has been significant regarding re-election outcomes.

Historically, any incumbent over the past seven decades who achieved an approval rating above 50% has been re-elected. Barack Obama was an exception; despite a moderate 46% approval six months before the 2012 general election, he secured victory.

No president has been re-elected with approval ratings as low as Biden’s current figures, which rank among the poorest of the post-World War II era, landing in the bottom 12% of all presidential quarters since 1945.

Although this quarter marks a low point for Biden in Gallup’s history, his popularity has been persistently low, remaining in the low 40s since his first year in office, amidst issues like soaring inflation, a deepening border crisis, and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

His campaign has been marred by numerous gaffes, and his aides have had to work diligently to shield the octogenarian leader from the media as his physical decline becomes more apparent.

Despite these challenges, current polls depict the 2024 presidential race as closely contested, with Trump holding a slight advantage of 0.3% over Biden, according to the RealClearPolitics national poll aggregate.

The Gallup survey, which involved 1,001 Americans and was conducted from April 1 to April 22, reports a margin of error of 4 points.

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