Chinese Land Purchases Banned by THIS State

( – The Kansas legislature passed a bill early this week to prevent companies with ties to communist China or other adversarial countries from buying land near military sites.

The Kansas City Star reported that the bill, known as SB 172, received an 86-39 vote in favor from the state House and later passed the state Senate with a 24-14 vote.

This action was partly prompted by Cnano Technology USA, a subsidiary of a Chinese company, which expressed interest in investing in a large factory in the state.

The Daily Caller News Foundation initially uncovered extensive ties between Cnano Technology USA’s parent company and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That investigation was aided by research conducted by The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project and Heritage Action.

The bill is now awaiting approval from Democratic Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.

If the bill becomes law, with a few exceptions, it will prohibit citizens, corporations, or their subsidiaries from China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea from purchasing non-residential land within 100 miles of a military site.

Furthermore, Cnano Technology USA intends to construct a substantial facility in Johnson County, Kansas, for manufacturing components used in electric vehicle batteries and other products.

This site would be located approximately 35 miles from Fort Leavenworth and 70 miles from Whiteman Air Force Base.

According to Cnano Jiangsu’s 2022 annual report, Cnano USA operates under C-Nano Technology Co., Ltd., established by China-based Cnano Jiangsu Technology Co. in the British Virgin Islands. Also, the company employs several dozen members of the CCP.

Additionally, the company’s English-language website highlights its involvement in various national 863 initiatives, which the U.S. has accused of attempting to steal American technology.

Further examination of corporate materials revealed an increase in the number of CCP members working for Cnano Jiangsu in recent years, with the company openly promoting CCP ideology.

Former Chair of the Select Committee on the CCP, Mike Gallagher, emphasized the importance of preventing CCP-affiliated entities from acquiring land near U.S. military bases.

He highlighted the potential risks associated with allowing the CCP to gather intelligence domestically, which could be exploited in times of crisis.

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