Trump Slams ‘Globalist Fool’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump

( – As the Republican presidential primary heats up, former President Donald Trump’s unique approach to campaigning was on full display during a recent interview with Fox News host Bret Baier, where he also referred to a “Globalist Fool” during that same interview.

See the video below.

After a New Hampshire rally, Baier engaged Trump on his recent remarks about fellow candidate Nikki Haley, particularly focusing on Trump’s use of her birth name, Nimrata, and his nickname for her, “Nimbra.”

Trump, known for his penchant for nicknaming political opponents, defended his approach, citing it as a regular tactic. “Well, I do that with a lot of people,” he explained.

For instance, he referred to Asa Hutchinson as “Ada Hutchinson,” describing it as a natural extension of his style. When Baier pressed for clarity on the intent behind such nicknames, Trump paralleled it to his previous nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas,” based on her comments about her heritage. Trump views these nicknames as a mix of humor and effective political strategy.

In the same interview, Baier questioned Trump’s labeling of Haley as a “globalist fool,” contrasting this with Trump’s earlier commendations of her as the U.N. ambassador.

Trump responded firmly, maintaining his stance that the U.S., given its current economic and foreign policy challenges, cannot afford a globalist perspective.

He emphasized his achievements, including his strategy against ISIS and his efforts in military rebuilding, arguing that such actions demonstrated his commitment to America’s interests over globalist policies.

Trump’s approach to Haley, including his Truth Social posts calling her “weak” and his commentary on her negotiation skills, reflects his combative style in the political arena.

Haley, for her part, has interpreted Trump’s focus on her birth name as a sign of his insecurity, especially as the New Hampshire primary draws near. Despite this, Trump maintains a significant lead in the polls, with the latest figures showing him with a 17-point advantage, holding around 53 percent according to a Suffolk University, The Boston Globe, and NBC10 Boston poll.