Trump Gets Big Endorsement (Video)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – Solidifying his mind-blowing lead in the GOP presidential nomination race, former President Donald Trump has just received a new major endorsement, this time from US Senator Mike Lee, who declared the 2024 election a “binary choice” between order and lawlessness.

See the video of Senator Lee’s endorsement of Trump below!

In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Lee (R-UT) expressed his support for Trump, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

This endorsement came just days before the Iowa caucus, a critical event in the presidential race.

Lee highlighted the unique opportunity American voters have in the upcoming election.

“The American people have a choice to make. In this circumstance, they have a rare, historically unusual chance to choose between two presidents. They have a chance to choose between order and lawlessness. They have an opportunity to choose between putting America first or America last,” the Republican lawmaker declared.

He argued that regardless of personal feelings towards Trump or agreement with his statements, Trump represents a chance to choose “order over chaos” and to prioritize America.

“Whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you agree with everything he says, or not, he is our one opportunity to choose order over chaos and putting America first over America last,” Lee said.

He also dwelled on the former president’s track record and campaign promises.

“We know what kind of president he will be,” said the Utah senator of Trump, citing political promises made during campaigns.

“And so, whether you agree with him on every point or not, if you are not content with the status quo, the status quo of lawlessness, of putting America last, it’s time to get behind Donald Trump. And I wholeheartedly endorse Donald J. Trump in his bid for the presidency in 2024,” he added.

Lee also shared a video of his interview on a platform, reiterating the idea of a “binary choice” facing Americans.

He criticized Joe Biden for his policies on border enforcement, the prosecution of opponents, and economic policies, contrasting these with Trump’s approach.

“Whether you like Trump or not, Americans face a binary choice. Biden refuses to enforce our border, prosecutes his opponents, & embraces policies that make life unaffordable for hardworking Americans. I’ll take the mean tweets. I choose Trump,” Lee wrote.

According to The New York Post, Lee is now the 21st Republican senator to endorse Trump for the 2024 presidential race.