Senate Dem: Hunter Prosecution ‘Legally Justified’

( – In a recent interview delving into the murky waters surrounding the Biden family’s legal troubles, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) threw Hunter Biden to the wolves while trying to protect Joe Biden as he argued the case against Hunter is legally justified, but that it’s crucial to distinguish between Hunter’s actions and those of his father.

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Murphy emphasized the need for voters in 2024 to discern the line between Hunter Biden and President Biden. He expressed confidence that the electorate would recognize Hunter is not a candidate, highlighting Biden’s leadership in spearheading an “unprecedented” economic recovery, which he believes will be more significant to voters.

“I think it’s legally justified,” Murphy said, addressing whether Hunter Biden’s prosecution is politically motivated, as his legal team argues. “I think this is a very troubled individual who has, who has done things that are worthy of prosecution, and so I look forward to that case continuing.”

The backdrop of this unfolding drama is the second indictment of Hunter Biden this past week, stemming from special counsel David Weiss’s investigation into the president’s son and his financial activities.

Hunter now faces three felony tax charges related to tax evasion, filing a false return, and six misdemeanor charges for failing to pay taxes between 2016 and 2019.

Weiss accused Hunter Biden of diverting millions from his company, bypassing the payroll and tax withholding process, and instead spending lavishly on his personal lifestyle rather than settling tax debts.

In response, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, criticized the charges as overly politicized, arguing that if Hunter’s last name weren’t Biden, such charges would not have been pursued.

Murphy remained firm in his belief that voters will distinguish between the actions of Joe Biden’s son and Joe Biden himself.

“I think Hunter Biden is going to be held accountable in court for any violations of the law that he’s committed. And the American public are going to get the chance to watch that play out in real time. But what I am absolutely certain of is that the American public are going to see a distinct contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump,” Murphy stated.

This development follows a collapsed plea deal earlier in the summer, stemming from a misunderstanding about Hunter Biden’s immunity in future cases. Weiss has since brought charges in Delaware concerning Biden’s firearm purchase while denying drug use, a fact he later acknowledged in his book and other public statements, discussing his struggles with addiction.

Lowell criticized U.S. Attorney Weiss’s approach, alleging that Republican pressure led to unprecedented and unconstitutional gun charges, and that the recent piling on of nine new charges contradicts an earlier agreement to resolve the matter with a pair of misdemeanors.