Robert De Niro Found Liable

Robert De Niro

( – In a new development exposing further the hypocrisy of the leftist Hollywood elite, a jury has decided that staunch Democrat supporter Robert De Niro’s production firm is liable for “gender discrimination” and retribution against a former aide who said the actor had abused her.

Robert De Niro’s production company, Canal Productions, was found liable for gender discrimination and retaliation following allegations of abusive behavior by De Niro’s former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson.

While De Niro himself was not held liable, his company was ordered to pay Robinson $1.264 million in damages.

Conversely, she was not found liable for any of the accusations in De Niro’s lawsuit against her, Fox News reports.

David Sanford, Chairman of Sanford Heisler Sharp and Robinson’s attorney, expressed satisfaction with the verdict.

“We are delighted that the jury saw what we saw and returned a verdict in Chase Robinson’s favor against Robert De Niro’s company, Canal Productions. Not only did Ms. Robinson win her case against Canal, but the jury completely vindicated Ms. Robinson by finding De Niro’s claims against her to be without merit,” the lawyer said.

The report points out that the trial, which involved mutual accusations between De Niro and Robinson, was marked by moments of intensity, including an apology from De Niro to the judge for an outburst during his testimony.

The jury was tasked with determining if De Niro was responsible for gender discrimination and retaliation and whether Robinson was liable for the conversion of the company’s Delta SkyMiles and breaches of fiduciary duty and loyalty against Canal Productions.

Robinson, who was employed by De Niro from 2008 to 2019, accused the actor of “vulgar, inappropriate, and gendered comments,” overworking, and underpaying her in her $12 million lawsuit.

De Niro’s earlier $6 million suit against Robinson alleged misuse of the company credit card, watching TV on company time, and stealing frequent-flier miles for personal use.

In 2022, Robinson claimed De Niro’s lawsuit was retaliatory, alleging through court documents that it was intended to “humiliate” her.

She described a gender-based reassignment of her duties at Canal Productions in her deposition.

“[M]y job at Productions kind of had been redirected to all of this gender female role where I was handling this housework and vacuuming and doing all of these things… It had nothing to do with VP production of finance. That was incredibly demeaning and frustrating,” the former employee said.