Obama, Biden Rift Goes Public

Barack Obama

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a “robust” defense of their campaign strategy, the Biden team, led by principal deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks, responded to recent criticisms highlighted in The Washington Post, including those reportedly made by former President Obama.

The report suggested Obama expressed concerns about the structure of Biden’s campaign and Trump’s political potency heading into 2024.

Fulks, in his appearance on NBC News’s “Meet the Press,” emphasized the alignment between Obama and Biden, particularly in their mutual resolve to counter Trump and what they describe as the threat posed by MAGA extremists to freedom and democracy. He stated that frequent communications between Obama, Biden, and their respective teams underscore this unity of purpose.

Fulks reiterated Biden’s respect for the experience gained under Obama’s presidency, which he considers vital to his current role and achievements. The focal point of the campaign, according to Fulks, is to actively oppose Donald Trump and protect democracy.

Addressing the specific advice from Obama, reported to be about enhancing top-level decision-making in the campaign’s Wilmington headquarters, Fulks did not directly answer whether structural changes were planned. However, he asserted that the campaign has been proactive since Biden’s announcement in April, employing innovative organizing programs, investing in diverse voter outreach, and now shifting to a phase where more Americans are engaged.

He concluded by underscoring the campaign’s perspective that democracy itself is at stake in this election, a message they intend to amplify moving forward.