Nikki Pulls a 180 (VIDEO)

( – Last Sunday was a forgettable one for Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley as she went to CNN’s “State of The Union” and found herself in a very tight spot but somehow turned the tables and managed to “survive.”

See the video below.

The main topic was about her recent back-and-forth on whether states have the right to wave goodbye to the Union. Earlier in the week, in an interview with Charlamagne tha God, Haley seemed to toy with the idea, but under the studio lights and Dana Bash’s pointed questions, she clarified the whole situation.

“No, according to the Constitution they can’t. What I do think they have the right to do is have the power to protect themselves and do all that. Texas has talked about seceding for a long time, the Constitution doesn’t allow for that,”

Here’s where it gets spicy: Texas, with its GOP itching for a “voter referendum” on going solo, was the elephant in the room. Bash, not one to let things slide, pressed Haley on Texas’ independence aspirations, outlined in their 2022 platform. Haley’s response? A pivot to state rights to self-defense, all while underlining the Constitution’s clear “no-go” on secession.

But Haley didn’t stop there. She doubled down on Texas’ beef with the feds, particularly over the migraine-inducing migrant crisis. According to Haley, it’s not just about the Lone Star State wanting out; it’s about a fed-up Texas facing a border situation that’s spiraled into a nationwide headache. And Haley, having trekked 400 miles of this border herself, painted a grim picture of the toll it’s taking on local communities.

Rewind to her “The Breakfast Club” appearance, and you’ll find Haley’s earlier comments on Texas’ right to secede if pushed to the brink over border issues.

“If Texas decides they want to do that, they can do that. If that whole state says we don’t want to be part of America anymore. I mean, that’s their decision to make,” Haley stated. “I don’t think government needs to tell people how to live, how to do anything. I mean, I think that we need to let freedom live.”

Fast forward to CNN, and it’s clear Haley’s tune has changed, focusing now on the broader issue of federal inaction and its fallout.

To conclude, Haley clarified that her comments were more about Joe Biden’s poor management of the border crisis rather than states seceding.

You can watch part of the interview here: