NEW: Trump Has Huge Advantage

Donald Trump

( – Donald Trump has overtaken Joe Biden in six crucial battleground states, according to a new public opinion survey, signaling widespread concern among Americans about the economic trajectory of the country and giving Trump a huge advantage in his campaign to retake the White House.

The poll by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult surveyed nearly 5,000 registered voters, indicates Trump’s lead over Biden in states such as Arizona (49-42), Georgia (49-43), Nevada (51-43), North Carolina (51-41), Pennsylvania (47-46), and Wisconsin (48-44).

Michigan is the sole state among the key swing states where Biden holds a slight edge over Trump (47-45).

A predominant share of respondents expressed pessimism about the current economic direction, with a forecast of further deterioration.

The polling data reveals that 70% of participants view the economic direction negatively, whereas 30% perceive it as positive.

The economy’s impact on electoral decisions is significant, with 82% of those polled stating it as “very important” in their choice of president, and another 14% deeming it “somewhat important.”

The issue of inflation is particularly pressing, as 54% anticipate it will worsen by year-end, compared to 17% who expect an improvement.

This period of high inflation under Biden’s administration has seen increased costs for basic necessities such as food and gas.

A political action committee supporting Trump recently emphasized these rising costs through a campaign called “Biden-mart.”

“Some of the shine of the State of the Union address has worn off. People are really tying ‘Bidenomics’ and their perception of the economy to the inflation rate,” remarked Matt Monday, a senior manager at Morning Consult.

The poll also showed that 51% of voters trust Trump more than Biden (36%) to handle the economy, with 13% favoring neither. Additionally, 46% of voters trust Trump over Biden (38%) on the issue of securing good jobs.

The economy emerges as the paramount concern for voters, with 34% identifying it as their primary issue in the upcoming presidential election.

Immigration followed as a significant concern at 15%, while issues like abortion, emphasized by the Biden campaign, registered at 9%.

The poll also highlighted that neither candidate enjoys a majority favorability, with Biden viewed unfavorably by 56% of voters and Trump by 41%.

Conversely, 45% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to 41% who view Biden favorably.

Voters also prioritized other issues such as immigration (86%), crime (91%), education and schools (87%), and services for seniors (89%).

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