‘My Constituents Are Terrified’

(DCWatchdog.com) – The outrageous illegal immigrant invasion allowed by President Joe Biden is increasingly coming back to bite him and the Democrats, as the migrant influx is wreaking havoc in places like NYC, where a GOP councilwoman has revealed her constituents “are terrified.”

In New York City, a curfew has been established in several migrant shelters in response to community complaints about the behavior of the newcomers, which includes committing crimes and begging for money.

As of Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams has set a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. at four migrant shelters housing approximately 1,900 individuals.

This number is a minor portion of the large influx of illegal migrants the city has seen recently, The Daily Wire reports.

Currently, the curfew impacts four specific shelters: the JFK respite center, a shelter on 35th Street in Astoria, the Lincoln shelter on 110th Street in Manhattan, and the Stockton Street shelter in Brooklyn. Nonetheless, there is talk of potentially expanding this curfew to encompass around 200 shelters and respite centers.

“Part of it is just sort of to help us better manage things at the site. Part of it is community feedback,” Zach Iscol, the New York City Emergency Management Commissioner, told CBS.

Residents have raised several issues concerning migrants at these shelters, such as panhandling, shoplifting, knocking on doors for clothing, and violent incidents.

“My constituents are terrified. They have people that they don’t know at their doorbell. They usually have a child with them,” Republican NYC City Council member Joann Ariola told FOX 5 New York.

“They have their telephone, their iPhone and on it, it says, in English, ‘I’m a migrant from Floyd Bennett Field, please give me money.’ It’s very, very concerning because, at times, they find them on their property,” she added.

Mayor Adams has acknowledged some migrants have been involved in a pattern of robberies.

Since the spring of 2022, approximately 161,000 migrants, predominantly from Venezuela, have entered New York City. About half of them are still under the care of the city.

This situation has led to the opening of new shelters and budget cuts across various city agencies, including police, public schools, and sanitation departments.

“This policy will allow for more efficient capacity management for migrants in the city’s care,” a city spokesperson commented.

Adams has estimated that the migrant influx could cost the city as much as $12 billion.