John Kerry Replaced by WHO?!

( – In a development that won’t satisfy anyone other than hard-core liberals, Joe Biden is set to appoint a figure well-known within the Democratic Party as the new Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, replacing John Kerry.

John Podesta, currently a senior adviser to Biden, is set to become the key player in the administration’s international climate diplomacy efforts once Kerry steps down this spring.

Podesta, whose political influence dates back to the Clinton administration, has been a significant player in the Democratic Party for decades.

His troubling connections include maintaining ties with a Chinese government influence operative for over a decade.

Before his current role in the Biden administration, Podesta was integral in implementing the Inflation Reduction Act’s climate spending.

He has also served as White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, a counselor to President Barack Obama, and was the chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Additionally, Podesta founded the Center for American Progress, a major liberal think tank in Washington, D.C.

An interesting aspect of Podesta’s appointment is that he will operate from the White House, unlike Kerry, who was based at the State Department. This move seems strategic, as the 2022 defense policy bill mandates that special envoys representing the State Department undergo a confirmation process.

This requirement, which did not apply to Kerry when he assumed his role, is also expected to be bypassed by Podesta, according to White House lawyers.

During the Obama administration, Podesta played a pivotal role in negotiating the Paris Climate Accords of 2016. In his new role, he will reportedly continue to work on domestic green energy initiatives in addition to his international responsibilities.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients praised Kerry for his global efforts in climate diplomacy and expressed confidence in Podesta’s ability to lead these efforts forward.

Zients described Podesta as an American statesman and a fervent advocate for aggressive climate action, emphasizing his longstanding service under three Democratic Presidents over three decades.

The White House has not immediately responded to requests for comments on this appointment.