Jim Jordan Targets Georgia DA

(DCWatchdog.com) – Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is leading the charge against what millions believe is injustice as the House Judiciary Committee he leads has subpoenaed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for her controversial decisions in her criminal case against Donald Trump.

Fani Willis is under investigation because she hired a romantic partner to lead the prosecution of former President Trump.

The core of the controversy is the accusation that Willis hired Nathan Wade, a romantic partner, to lead the high-profile case against former President Trump and 18 co-defendants over alleged 2020 election fraud, despite questions about Wade’s experience for such a task.

Mike Roman, one of Trump’s co-defendants and a former campaign aide is the one who made these accusations public.

Roman’s legal team has argued that Willis and Wade’s past relationship and Wade’s financial gain from the case, which exceeds half a million dollars, compromise the integrity of the prosecution.

They allege that funds meant to address Fulton County’s case backlog were diverted to Wade, showing instances of the pair’s travels that suggest personal benefits derived from Wade’s involvement in the case.

The revelations about Wade’s qualifications, or lack thereof, for leading a case of this magnitude have prompted calls for Willis’s removal from the case. Critics argue that Wade’s lack of experience with felony RICO cases further undermines the fairness of the proceedings.

With thirty Republican state senators in Georgia supporting a resolution to investigate Willis’s conduct, it seems that things are only going to get worse for the Fulton County District Attorney.

This move led to the creation of a special senate committee with the power to subpoena, indicating a serious level of concern over the allegations.

A court hearing is on the horizon, with Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ordering Willis to respond to these allegations by early February.