Hunter’s Lawyer Claims WHAT?!

( – In a highly questionable and new line of defense, Hunter Biden’s legal team claims that the monthly payments the scandalous first son made to his father, Joe Biden, from an account that got payments from Communist China were nothing but reimbursements for a car purchase.

Earlier this week, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) released bank records showing monthly payments from Hunter’s corporation, Owasco PC, to President Biden.

Attorneys representing Hunter Biden reacted on Tuesday by contesting the claim that direct monthly payments from a corporation owned by Hunter Biden to President Biden suggest the president’s involvement in his son’s international business activities, particularly with Communist China.

Hunter’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, clarified that the payments totaling $1,380 each from September to November 2018 were actually reimbursements for a 2018 Ford Raptor truck purchased by President Biden and used by Hunter Biden.

“There Chairman Comer goes again — reheating what is old as new to try to revive his sham of an investigation,” Lowell stated, as cited by National Review.

“The truth is Hunter’s father helped him when he was struggling financially due to his addiction and could not secure credit to finance a truck. When Hunter was able to, he paid his father back and took over the payments himself,” the lawyer added.

A salesman at Bayshore Ford Truck Sales in Wilmington, who sold the truck to President Biden in June 2018, corroborated this account.

He described the president’s purchase of the $67,000 truck for his son, who at the time had poor credit.

Salesman Jim Keen also mentioned that Hunter Biden traded in two other vehicles as part of the transaction. This account is further supported by a document found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

After 18 months, President Biden approached the dealership to resell the truck, which was returned in a condition described as having “considerable mileage and cosmetic damage” and needing “extensive repairs.”

During the same period as these payments, Hunter Biden purchased a firearm, which is now central to his federal prosecution on felony gun charges. He is accused of falsely stating his drug use on a federal form required for the gun purchase.

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer argued earlier this week that the bank transactions were evidence of the president benefitting from his family’s international business dealings, contrary to his previous denials of involvement.

“This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world. At this moment, Hunter Biden is under an investigation by the Department of Justice for using Owasco PC for tax evasion and other serious crimes,” the Republican lawmaker emphasized.