GOP to Rep. Omar: Get Out! (Video)

( – In a new abomination proving leftist radicals’ loyalty lies with foreign nations and powers, far-left US Rep. Ilhan Omar has declared her allegiance to her native Somalia and the religion of Islam – naturally leading outraged Republican Congress members to call for ouster.

See the video of Omar stating her loyalty to Somalia and Islam below!

Omar (D-MN) faces severe backlash and accusations of threatening to “make the US bow to Somali interests” after seemingly showing her stating to Somali Americans that her primary allegiance is to Somalia and the Muslim religion, not the United States.

During a gathering in Minneapolis, which included Somali leaders, Omar, who was born in Somalia, seemed to express a preference for Somali interests.

This included ideas about expanding Somalia’s territory, seemingly placing these interests above those of the United States.

A translation of her comments from a widely viewed clip (over 4.3 million views) shows Omar, a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, declaring herself “Somalian first” and “Muslim second.”

“The US government will only do what Somalians in the US tell them to do. They will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders, and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia,” Omar declared.

“We Somalians must have that confidence in ourselves that we call the shots in the US,” she added.

In her speech, she described America as a place where she, as a congresswoman, represents Somali interests, telling her audience to “sleep in comfort, knowing I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the US system.”

Following the viral spread of her comments, widespread indignation ensued.

“Ilhan Omar’s appalling, Somalia-first comments are a slap in the face to the Minnesotans she was elected to serve and a direct violation of her oath of office. She should resign in disgrace,” House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) wrote on X.

“Terrorist sympathizer Ilhan Omar, in her own words: Somalian first. Muslim second. She never mentions America. She flaunts using her position as [a] congresswoman to protect Somalia’s border while our border is invaded by MILLIONS of illegals who are a danger to America. These people hate America, and they’re so emboldened by the Democrats’ disdain for our country, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore,” wrote Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).