GOP Speaker’s Big Reveal (Video)

Mike Johnson

( – In a decisive declaration, the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, has “wholeheartedly” endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination and the White House, stressing the highly successful economic policies of the former president.

On Tuesday’s CNBC program “Squawk Box,” the Speaker expressed his unequivocal support for former President Donald Trump.

“I’m all in for President Trump,” Johnson (R-LA) declared, as cited by National Review.

“I have endorsed him wholeheartedly. I was one of the closest allies that President Trump had in Congress,” he added.

“[Trump] had a phenomenal first term. Those first two years, as you know, we brought about the greatest economic numbers in the history of the world, not just the country,” the Speaker elaborated.

This endorsement follows Johnson’s unexpected bid for the Speaker’s position in late October, a campaign that received commendation from Trump, who dubbed him “MAGA Mike Johnson.”

However, a report from The New York Times cited by National Review highlighted Johnson’s contrasting stance on Facebook in August 2015, before his congressional tenure.

At that time, he had expressed concerns about Trump’s character and suitability for the presidency.

“The thing about Donald Trump is that he lacks the character and the moral center we desperately need again in the White House,” Johnson wrote, speculating on Trump’s temperament.

“What would happen if Trump ‘decided to bomb another head of state merely disrespecting him?’ I just don’t think he has the demeanor to be President,” he added.

Johnson also reflected on Trump’s debate performance, particularly a moment when Trump was questioned about derogatory comments towards a woman.

This moment, Johnson recalled, visibly disturbed his then 10-year-old son, leading Johnson to compare Trump unfavorably to past presidents like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Reagan.

When confronted about these past remarks, Johnson minimized his initial criticisms of Trump, pointing out to the Times that he hadn’t met Trump personally at that time. He emphasized that Trump won over many Republicans, including himself, during the 2016 campaign.

“During his 2016 campaign, President Trump quickly won me and millions of my fellow Republicans over. When I got to know him personally shortly after we both arrived in Washington in 2017, I grew to appreciate the person that he is and the qualities about him that made him the extraordinary president that he was,” Johnson said.