GOP Demands THIS of Dems

( – As the crisis at the U.S. southern border continues to escalate, Republicans in the House and Senate are making a united stand, demanding concessions on conservative border and asylum measures in exchange for approving Joe Biden’s $106 billion supplemental aid request.

Speaker Mike Johnson and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have emphasized that addressing border security is crucial in their considerations for any aid package.

During a closed-door meeting, Speaker Johnson underscored the significance of border security, labeling it a “hill to die on” in the ongoing battle. House conservatives are urging Johnson not to settle for anything less than H.R. 2, the GOP’s key border bill, which aims to reinstate Trump-era measures like Remain In Mexico and restrict the ability of undocumented migrants to seek asylum.

McConnell echoed these sentiments, stating that he would encourage Senate Republicans to vote against advancing Biden’s aid request unless it incorporates robust border security measures. The push for these concessions follows the breakdown of bipartisan compromise talks over the weekend, even as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has scheduled a vote on Biden’s aid request for later this week.

McConnell emphasized the need to focus on the U.S. border alongside other international concerns, stating, “Now is the time to pay attention to our own border.”

Joe Biden’s supplemental aid request covers funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, humanitarian aid, and addressing the U.S. border situation. While the House has passed a standalone bill for the roughly $14 billion in Israel aid, House Republican leaders insist on including border security measures in tandem.

Despite Schumer suggesting a vote on a border security amendment crafted by Senate Republicans, McConnell dismissed the idea, emphasizing the Republicans’ commitment to addressing border security within the context of the supplemental.