Fox Crushes CNN

( – The recent Fox News Channel town hall featuring former President Donald Trump absolutely demolished CNN’s debate between former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump’s town hall, co-moderated by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, attracted an impressive 4.3 million total viewers, completely overshadowing the CNN debate, which garnered 2.5 million viewers.

The Trump town hall not only topped the CNN debate by a significant 68% but also stood as the most-watched program in its time slot.

This disparity in viewership extends to the coveted demographic of adults aged 25-54, where Fox News also outperformed CNN, drawing 553,000 viewers in this key group compared to CNN’s 479,000.

During the town hall, Trump teased the audience with hints about his potential running mate for the 2024 election, suggesting he has already made a decision but opting not to reveal it yet.

This strategic move likely further fueled viewer interest and anticipation, showcasing Trump’s knack for maintaining public attention and engagement.

Fox News’s dominance in viewership was not limited to the Trump town hall. The network’s town halls with Haley and DeSantis also drew significantly larger audiences than CNN’s programming in the same time slots.

These events collectively underscore Fox News’s strong positioning in political coverage leading up to the Iowa caucuses, as well as the network’s ability to attract viewers across various segments of the Republican electorate.

Baier and MacCallum’s roles as co-moderators for these events, including the highest-rated debate of the 2024 cycle to date, further cement their status as influential figures in political media.

Their coverage of the upcoming “Democracy 2024: Iowa Caucuses” is poised to be a crucial event, potentially shaping the narrative and momentum of the Republican presidential primary.