Does THIS Help or Hurt Trump?

( – Russia’s mass-murdering dictator, Vladimir Putin, has poked America’s wound stemming from its staggering left-right rift by declaring that former President Donald Trump’s indictments exposed the “rottenness” of US politics.

For Trump, the question is does this help him or hurt him in his quest to retake the presidency in 2024?

Putin, who 1.5 years ago began the biggest war in Europe since World War II by invading Ukraine, is presently wanted by the International Criminal Court for the abduction of thousands of Ukrainian children.

Speaking at an economic forum in the Far East Pacific city of Vladivostok, the Russian leader stated that the criminal trials against Trump were “good from Russia’s point of view,” Reuters reports, as cited by Newsmax.

“It shows all the rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others about democracy,” Putin said

“Everything that’s happening with Trump is politically motivated persecution of one’s political rival, that’s what it is. And it’s being done before the eyes of the US public and the whole world. They’ve simply exposed their internal problems,” argued the man known for allegedly physically eliminating his political enemies, most recently his most important warlord, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

“In this sense, if they [the United States] are trying to fight us in some way, it’s good, because it shows who is fighting us. It shows, as they said back in Soviet times, ‘the bestial face of American imperialism, the bestial grin,’” Putin elaborated.

The Russian president’s comments came a day before he received in Vladivostok Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, as the Russians are reportedly in dire need of foreign weapon deliveries for their invasion of Ukraine.

In his remarks, Putin also declared it was “complete nonsense” to allege that former US President Donald Trump had special connections with Moscow.

The Russian leader forecasted there would not be any significant changes in the US-Russia relations regardless of who the winner in the 2024 US presidential election might be.

He complained that the US government has been “hammering into people’s heads” that Russia was an existential adversary to the United States.

“No matter who is elected, the vector of anti-Russian US policy is unlikely to be affected,” Putin claimed.