‘Corrupt From Day One’

(DCWatchdog.com) – Amidst heightened scrutiny and the never-ending drama that surrounds the Biden family, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has voiced strong criticism against the Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden, labeling it as fundamentally flawed.

His remarks, made during an interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, cast doubt on the integrity of the probe from its very beginning.

Special counsel David Weiss recently brought forward an indictment against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, on charges related to substantial tax delinquencies.

“This investigation’s been corrupt from day one,” Johnson declared, suggesting a deep-seated skepticism about the proceedings.

He also raised concerns about the indictment’s timing, suspecting it might interfere with ongoing congressional efforts to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, under the leadership of Republican Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, have been actively pursuing Hunter Biden’s case.

They issued a subpoena for him to appear for a deposition, with the threat of contempt of Congress proceedings looming if he fails to comply.

Senator Johnson emphasized the crucial role of documentation in the investigation, pointing to the lack of transparency and difficulty accessing vital financial records.

He and Senator Grassley have previously highlighted suspicious financial activities involving Hunter Biden, including substantial sums from adversarial nations, which they believe point to a broader pattern of corruption.

Representative Nancy Mace, a vocal member of the House Oversight Committee, has added to the chorus of concerns, citing figures indicating that Hunter Biden may have received over $50 million.

This investigation, as portrayed by Senator Johnson and other Republicans, paints a picture of potential misconduct and financial impropriety at high levels.