Christie Said WHAT About Nikki?! (Audio)

( – In a dire prediction about 2024 GOP nomination bidder Nikki Haley, just before he himself quit the primary race, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was allegedly caught on a hot mic forecasting that she is “gonna get smoked” when competing with Donald Trump.

Listen to the leaked tape in the audio attached below!

Christie’s observation came as he was about to announce his withdrawal from the presidential race at a town hall in New Hampshire, an act perceived as beneficial to Haley’s candidacy, The Hill reports.

“I mean, look, she’s spent like $68 million so far, just on TV — spent $68 million so far — $59 million by DeSantis, and we spent $12 [million]. I mean, who’s punching above their weight and who’s getting a return on their investment, you know? And she’s gonna get smoked. And you and I both know it. She’s not up to this,” Christie says in the audio.

The context of Christie’s conversation and the identity of the other party remain unknown.

These comments were picked up on a live stream from Christie’s campaign.

In another snippet from the live stream, Christie mentioned DeSantis, saying he “called me petrified” before the audio was interrupted.

Trump, the apparent Republican front-runner, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis both highlighted Christie’s remarks.

They have been actively working to counter Haley’s growing influence in the race, particularly ahead of the upcoming Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

Responding to the leaked comments, DeSantis concurred with Christie’s assessment of Haley’s campaign on X (formerly Twitter).

“I agree with Christie that Nikki Haley is ‘going to get smoked,’” the Florida governor wrote.

Trump also shared Christie’s remarks about Haley, labeling them as “very truthful” on his social media platform.

A source familiar with a conversation between Christie and DeSantis earlier on Wednesday disclosed that Christie had further criticized Haley, according to an NBC News report.

During this call, DeSantis expressed appreciation for Christie’s role in the race, regardless of his future campaign decisions.

Shortly after these comments became public, the former New Jersey governor appeared on stage in Windham, N.H., to announce the suspension of his campaign.

During his speech, broadcast live by cable networks, Christie called on other GOP candidates to more aggressively confront Trump, emphasizing his commitment to preventing Trump’s re-election.

“I am going to make sure that in no way do I enable Donald Trump to ever be president of the United States again,” Christie declared.