Buck Buck’s Impeachment

Ken Buck

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a surprising twist, Colorado’s Republican Congressman Ken Buck publicly declared his opposition to the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas setting him apart from his party’s current trajectory.

This notable deviation stems from Buck’s conviction that the allegations against Mayorkas don’t meet the constitutional threshold for impeachment.

His stance is particularly unexpected, given his previous harsh critique of Mayorkas’s border policies, which he had once likened to treason, evoking the name of Benedict Arnold in a damning comparison.

Buck’s current perspective is rooted in a lack of evidence to support claims of “high crimes or misdemeanors” against Mayorkas. Having sought insights from constitutional scholars and ex-congress members, Buck has found a consensus that corroborates his viewpoint, underscoring his decision to break ranks with his party on this issue.

With only a slim majority in the House, the Republican party’s push to impeach Mayorkas is on precarious ground, especially considering their accusations hinge on his alleged failure to adhere to immigration laws—a stance that has never been universally enforced, even under previous administrations, including Trump’s.

Critics within conservative circles, including Trump’s impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz, have echoed Buck’s sentiment, arguing that Mayorkas’s actions don’t align with the grave benchmarks of bribery, treason, or other impeachable offenses. This shared skepticism suggests a growing concern over the misuse of impeachment for partisan ends rather than genuine constitutional breaches.

Buck’s opposition is underscored by a history of confrontational exchanges with Mayorkas, making his current refusal to support impeachment all the more remarkable.

Previously, Buck had accused Mayorkas of contributing to national security threats through lax border policies, with vivid accusations of enabling drug trafficking and human exploitation. Yet, despite these strong past allegations, Buck’s insistence on a constitutional basis for impeachment reflects a principled stand amid a highly charged political debate.