Bombshell Impeachment News

( – The GOP leadership of the House has made a vital decision over its impeachment probe of President Joe Biden as Speaker Mike Johnson has called a formal inquiry vote in response to what he said had been weeks of investigation “stonewalling” and obstruction by the White House.

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced plans to initiate a formal vote in the House to commence an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

This move, which he described as a “necessary step,” comes in response to what he perceives as persistent investigation hurdles from the White House.

In a Fox News interview over the weekend, the speaker detailed the challenges faced by House committees in investigating allegations of corruption linked to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings

“We’re being stonewalled by the White House,” Johnson said.

“They’re preventing at least two to three DOJ witnesses from coming forward, a former White House counsel. The White House has withheld thousands of pages of evidence,” he added.

The vote on a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden is expected to take place this month before the House’s scheduled holiday recess on December 15.

In September, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated a House impeachment investigation against Biden but did not proceed to a floor vote, facing resistance from Republicans in swing districts.

Last week, in a confidential meeting with Republican lawmakers, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed that the administration has only provided a fraction of the approximately 82,000 pages of emails sent or received by Biden under pseudonyms during his tenure as vice president, The New York Post notes in a report.

Subpoenas have been issued for Hunter Biden, 53, and the president’s brother James, 73, to testify regarding the Biden family’s business interactions with entities from Communist China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Putin’s Russia, and Ukraine.

Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House counsel’s office, asserted on Friday that President Biden has complied with Congress’s requests for documents, furnishing “more than 35,000 pages of private financial records” and “more than 2,000 pages of Treasury Department financial reports.”

Despite these submissions, Republicans argue that crucial evidence remains undisclosed.

This includes Air Force Two flight manifests, visitor logs from Biden’s Delaware residences, details about the sales of Hunter Biden’s artwork, and information about classified documents found in Biden’s home.