BOMBSHELL: 40,000 In Just Months

( – In a distressing demonstration of the catastrophic effects of the Biden administration’s illegal immigrant invasion, the city of Denver has been overwhelmed by the arrival of a whopping 40,000 border jumpers in just several months, leaving it struggling to handle the influx.

To cope with the new situation, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s office announced that migrant families’ stay in city shelter rooms will be limited to six weeks as of February 5, The Daily Wire reports.

Colorado’s capital and biggest city, which has a Democrat administration, bills itself as a “sanctuary city,” i.e., one violating US immigration laws upon its discretion.

The report points out that Denver has 710,000 residents, so the illegal alien influx has caused its population to spike by over 5%.

Thus, the migrants now constitute a higher percentage of the city’s population compared with larger cities such as Chicago or New York City.

“Over the past two months, Denver has seen a dramatic uptick in arrivals and is currently sheltering 4,000 people,” said a spokesperson for Johnston’s office, stressing the arrival of migrants was “straining capacity.”

Johnston has estimated that Denver would need some $100 million in 2024 alone to handle the housing, healthcare, and school expenses of the illegal immigrants.

At the same time, city hospital Denver Health has already accrued about $10 million from migrants’ unpaid medical bills, leading it to ask the state and US government for money.

According to doctors, the water the illegal immigrants drank on their way to the US has resulted in a spike in parasitic infections at the hospital.

Almost 3,000 migrant children have been enrolled in Denver’s public schools since July, most of them coming from Venezuela in South America.

According to Adrienne Endres, who heads the school district’s multilingual education, over 600 had had little or no schooling before their arrival.

“More tent cities are cropping up in the city, which already has a significant homeless problem — the homeless population spiked more than 30% last year,” the report points out.

It cites a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson vowing the US government would keep collaborating with Denver “on the migrant issue.”

“We continue to urge Congress to approve our supplemental request, provide us with the resources to manage the Southwest Border in a humane, safe, and orderly manner, and provide communities across the country with the financial support they need,” the spokesperson said.