Bad News for Biden from Clinton Bigwig

( – In a doomsday observation of Joe Biden’s reelection bid, a former Bill Clinton pollster declared that Americans “are upset” and Donald Trump’s White House candidacy is gaining traction.

In an interview for the Fox News program “America Reports,” Democrat pollster Mark Penn stressed that numerous public opinion polls showed Trump with a lead on Biden in a potential 2024 election matchup.

Penn’s comments came after, on Sunday, The Washington Post and ABC News published a survey showing the former president with a 52-42 lead on the incumbent. The Post argued that the poll was “probably an outlier.”

“Our polls on the Harris poll and HarrisX are showing Trump up by four or five, other polls are showing by one,” Mark Penn told Fox, as cited by The Daily Caller.

“Polls are imprecise within a few points, but I don’t think there’s any question that the polls are showing a trend in favor of Trump, against Biden, and they are showing that people are upset about economy, immigration, crime, generally whether or not their living standard is getting better or worse,” elaborated the former pollster of former President Bill Clinton.

He wondered why politicians tended to spend too “little time… on those issues that are really driving the voters.”

The WaPo-ABC survey discovered that only 25% of Americans thought the economy was “good” or “excellent” under Biden, while only 30% approved of how the president handled it.

Penn sounded perplexed as to why The Washington Post and ABC News poll showing a 10-point Trump lead on Biden didn’t lead to extra surveying of voters instead of getting released with The Post’s assertion that it was an “outlier.”

“You don’t publish it and say, ‘But we don’t believe it because it gives us a finding that we don’t believe.’… Polls are a snapshot in time, but they do reflect what voters think, and this is a tough time for President Biden in the polls,” the Democrat pollster argued.

The Caller notes that the RealClearPolitics polling average presently gives Joe Biden a 36.6% approval rating on the economy.

The RCP average also shows that 32.5% of Americans approve of how the president has handled inflation, with 65.2% disapproving.