A ‘Clear and Present Danger’

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a chilling statement, House Speaker Mike Johnson has warned that the United States will end up in a “clear and present danger” unless the horrendous illegal immigrant invasion at the Southern Border is ended immediately – as he called President Biden’s policies “absolute madness.”

Johnson (R-LA) spoke Wednesday in his first House floor speech since he assumed his position in October, almost 100 days ago.

“We have a catastrophe at our southern border. From Texas to New York, waves of illegal immigrants are now overwhelming our communities,” the Louisiana Republican declared, as cited by The New York Post.

The speaker emphasized not just the staggering numbers of incoming border jumpers but also the skyrocketing death rates caused by fentanyl and other drug overdoses in the United States and the spike in the number of “vulnerable women and children” smuggled by Mexican crime cartels.

He also stressed that a record 361 persons flagged on terrorism watch lists had been detained at the Southern Border.

“The situation at our Southern Border presents a clear and present danger to our national security,” Johnson stated.

He pointed to FBI chief Christopher Wray’s recent congressional testimony that 1.5 million “gotaway” migrants have snuck into the US without even getting apprehended.

The speaker pointed out further that about the same number of migrants have been set loose inside the nation on humanitarian parole as they are instructed to wait for court hearings on their immigration status.

Such hearings are often delayed for an entire decade, which Johnson described as an “absurd” policy.

He noted that US Customs and Border Protection has detained over 7 million illegal immigrants on the US-Mexican border in the three years since Joe Biden occupied the White House.

“35 of our 50 states, including my home state of Louisiana, don’t have a population that large,” the speaker said.

“95% of the drug overdoses in New Orleans are caused by fentanyl. In Louisiana just last week, a precious two-year-old child was found dead with fentanyl in her system,” he added.

“Where in the world is Secretary Mayorkas in all of this?” Johnson wondered.

Johnson announced the House “will be moving forward swiftly” on the two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas.

He also condemned Biden’s decision to kill several vital Trump policies that provided for the swift deportation of illegal aliens.