‘Things Are Rigged Against’ Trump – Legal Expert

(DCWatchdog.com) – In new proof that the left is trying to defeat Donald Trump through illegal or at least unfair means, a former federal prosecutor and legal expert has declared that “things are rigged against” the 45th President of the United States.

Andrew McCarthy expressed concern on Tuesday that the imposition of an expanded gag order on ex-President Donald Trump signals a prejudiced situation against him.

This development followed Judge Juan Merchan’s decision in New York to extend the gag order after Trump attacked Merchan’s daughter on Truth Social.

Trump’s critique included a post that shared a New York Post article discussing Loren Merchan’s company’s success in gathering substantial financial support for Democratic endeavors and candidates, amassing over $93 million in the wake of Trump’s legal charges.

McCarthy pointed out that the fundraising activities of the judge’s daughter might present a conflict of interest.

“What they claim to be worried about is the administration of justice and what they are saying is that when Trump makes statements about particular people, even though he doesn’t threaten them or direct anyone to do anything, that his followers end up intimidating those people and therefore it makes it difficult to administer justice in the case,” McCarthy told Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

“The reason this is an issue is because they’ve scheduled these trials to commence prior to the election and they’ve intentionally put them in the heat of an election campaign. Trump didn’t ask for that. It is what the court did in conjunction with the district attorney,” the former prosecutor added.

“Trump is running for president. He’s got a First Amendment right to campaign and he’s got a right to make his defense and he may be right or wrong, but it is perfectly appropriate to make a defense this is a political prosecution against him and the judge is biased. He didn’t pick any member of the judge’s family out of the sky. He chose the one who is a Democratic political operative, which is undeniable even if the judge doesn’t want to talk about it,” McCarthy elaborated.

“Trump has a right to run for president, he’s got right to make his defense. He shouldn’t be inhibited in what he can say,” he concluded.

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