Putin Slams Biden: ‘Complete Nonsense’

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a desperate attempt from the Democrats’ most influential figure to turn the tables and get the approval for financing Ukraine and Zelensky even more, Joe Biden claims that NATO can become Russia’s next target, and in a recent interview with Rossiya state television, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin labeled this as “complete nonsense”.

Putin emphasized that Russia harbors no intentions of engaging in hostilities with the NATO military alliance and has categorically rejected Biden’s assertion that Russia might target a NATO member following its conflict with Ukraine.

This rebuke comes in the wake of Biden’s cautionary statement earlier this month, wherein he suggested that a Russian triumph in Ukraine could potentially lead to an aggressive stance against NATO countries. However, Biden did not provide concrete evidence to support this claim.

Putin, addressing these allegations, asserted in his interview published on Sunday, “It is complete nonsense – and I think President Biden understands that.” He interpreted Biden’s remarks as an effort to rationalize what he perceives as a flawed policy approach towards Russia.

The Russian leader further clarified, “Russia has no reason, no interest – no geopolitical interest, neither economic, political nor military – to fight with NATO countries.” This statement is seen as an attempt to dispel concerns about escalating global tensions and to counter narratives portraying Russia’s foreign policy as aggressively expansionist. Putin’s comments reflect a steadfast stance on Russia’s geopolitical strategy, distancing it from potential conflict with NATO.