GOP Chair: ‘Chaos Caucus’ Paralyzing Government (Video)

( – Causing intra-party turmoil among GOP supporters and Representatives, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael Turner (R-OH) expressed that some House members whose main agenda seems to be joining the “chaos caucus” are effectively paralyzing the U.S. government.

Watch the video further below.

Turner shared these views during a recent CBS News interview on “Face The Nation” while discussing the growing number of Republicans announcing retirement or resignation from Congress.

“This obviously is very unfortunate,” Turner said. “This has been a very strange time period, where we see that the – the Senate is at 50/50. We see the House at 50/50. Even the presidential race has run basically at 50/50. It’s almost unfolding that way perhaps again.”

He continued, “And it shows that we can have radical fringes, even radical individuals who don’t really have an ideology or an agenda, other than chaos, that can cause disruption.”

“And that’s what we have seen. That certainly makes it difficult for people who just want to get the job done. In the area of national security, I think Speaker Johnson’s made it, you know, very clear that he – we have his support to get national security agenda items done. And I think we will,” he stated.

Host Ed O’Keefe attempted to direct Turner towards criticizing former President Donald Trump for selling a special edition of the Bible, the God Bless the USA Bible.

“Do you think it’s appropriate for the former president, for the likely Republican nominee to be selling such a product?” O’Keefe asked.

“I think I’m more concerned about the White House restricting the ability of children to put religious symbols on Easter eggs for the Easter egg roll at the White House,” Turner responded.

He added, “You know, I’m glad that CBS gives people the right to express their religious freedom.”

“I can’t imagine that we’re in a situation where the Biden White House is restricting, especially that of children, their ability to express their religious freedom,” he concluded.

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