FBI: Jews Under Attack

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a nightmarish revelation showing that anti-Semitic crime perpetrators in the US are collaborating with foreign powers, the FBI has concluded that a wave of anti-Jewish attacks across the nation was coordinated – and by an entity based abroad.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified that the extensive swatting incidents targeting Jewish institutions across the nation last week likely originated abroad, Newsmax reports.

In a confidential briefing accessed by ABC News, Assistant FBI Director Cathy Milhoan informed local law enforcement agencies of a connection between these incidents, evidenced by “similar language and specific email tradecraft.”

“Additionally, these threats appear to be originating from outside of the United States,” Milhoan emphasized, referencing the unprecedented 199 swatting incidents and false bomb threats aimed at Jewish facilities.

Milhoan underscored the FBI’s commitment to the security of all faith-based communities.

“The safety of all faith-based communities is one of the FBI’s highest priorities. Once again, thank you for your partnership and your collaboration to keep our communities safe,” she declared.

The Secure Community Network (SCN), a nonprofit dedicated to the safety of Jewish Americans, initially reported the surge in swatting — a hazardous prank involving false emergency calls to dispatch SWAT teams — against Jewish facilities.

This surge was particularly pronounced on Friday and Saturday.

A detailed analysis by SCN revealed that the swatting incidents predominantly affected 93 Jewish facilities in California, 62 in Arizona, 15 in Connecticut, five in Colorado, and four in Washington, with other states also being targeted.

SCN noted a 541% increase in such incidents and bomb threats against Jewish communities, totaling over 449 cases compared to last year’s figures.

“We continue to work in coordination with law enforcement and Jewish security partners to respond to incidents & ensure Jewish communities across North America have the tools and guidance to respond appropriately,” SCN stated.

This alarming trend coincides with a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment following the deadly attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in southern Israel on October 7 and the subsequent conflict in Gaza.

Concurrently, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a leftist rights group, observed an uptick in “online trolls” targeting US-based synagogues since August.

“The trolls use highly anti-Semitic language in these calls” and “appear to be targeting synagogues that livestream their services,” said its CEO and director Jonathan Greenblatt.