Dem Senator Panics: ‘Big Mistake’ on Border

( – Panicking and corroborating that the Bidеn administration has bееn making huge mistakes regarding the Southern Border, a prominent Democrat warns that his party nееds to step up its game in addressing the border and the flood of illegal aliens entering the US, or they could lose ground to Republicans in November.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) played a crucial role in crafting a bipartisan deal to reform America’s asylum system, tackle the millions of immigration court cases and strengthen border enforcement.

His February bill, developed alongside Republican Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), had support from various quarters, which included the Border Patrol’s union, the Chamber of Commerce, and the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board.

However, former President Donald Trump has made border security a centerpiece of his campaign. When the bill came up for a vote in the Senate, Trump made it clear to Republicans that he opposed it, leading them to withdraw their support.

“It’s incumbent upon us to repeat the truth that Republicans don’t care about the border; they killed a bill that would have fixed the border,” Murphy said. “I think it would be a big mistake for us as a party to not talk about immigration, given that they have gifted us with an ability to get on the offense.”

Murphy is worried that his party has not effectively communicated this message enough to make it stick with voters. He believed Democrats could reshape the narrative by highlighting their own solutions and contrasting them with the GOP’s tendency to politicize the issue without offering constructive ideas.

Recent polling appears to support Murphy’s concerns. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committее commissioned a survey that found that a third of respondents in battleground districts could not support a candidate who did not share their immigration views.

During Biden’s tenure, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has witnessеd a record number of migrant encounters, which reached 1.15 million in the 2024 fiscal year alone.

Republicans argued that voters would hold Democrats accountable for this and would not fault the GOP for opposing the bipartisan deal, which many Republicans criticized for not going far enough.

Philip Letsou, spokesman for the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC), told in a statement:

“Joe Biden and Senate Democrats have spent years opening the border and now that American cities are being crushed by their policies, they’re trying to pretend it never happened. Voters know the truth and won’t buy [Senate Democratic Leader Chuck] Schumer’s spin.”

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