Cops Not Stopping Illegals Doing What?!

( – Confirming that being close enough to the White House is not a synonym for complying with the law, a recent report revealed that police in the nation’s capital are turning a blind eye to illegal aliens driving without license plates.

A source interviewed multiple individuals openly admitting to being in the U.S. unlawfully and working as food delivery drivers using motorbikes lacking license plates.

This indicated that these vehicles are not registered or insured, which violates D.C. law mandating registration and license plates for all motorized vehicles, alongside the necessity for the operator to be insured and hold a valid driver’s license.

Upon investigating the surge of unregistered motorized bikes in D.C., it was found that police “do not appear to be enforcing registration laws.”

In addition, local motorized bike retailers confirmed this sentiment, claiming that D.C. police “don’t give any attention” to the illegal aliens breaking the law by driving without proper licenses or plates.

An employee of an unidentified store reportedly facilitated illegal activity to migrants:

“The bike shop employee said drivers don’t need a license to operate a 49cc (or lower) bike. He then proceeded to explain that the shop only sells 50+ cc bikes before showing The Daily Signal a drawer full of license plates that read “49cc.”

Approximately a dozen individuals driving without license plates were interviewed, with most admitting to crossing the southern border illegally. None of them, which included a U.S. citizen, had legitimate license plates or revealed their identities.

These individuals confirmed that D.C. police take no action to enforce the law requiring proper licensing, registration, and insurance.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department dismissed the issue and suggested that these illegal drivers were merely “testing their luck.”

Despite D.C. police claiming that they were “working to strengthen MPD’s traffic enforcement,” reality on the ground paints a different picture.

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