Biden’s Secret Plan Exposed

Joe Biden

( – In a revelation that proves how devious Joe Biden is, a new report has disclosed that Biden’s administration tried to hide from the American public — and even from Congress — its failure to respond to Communist China’s spy balloon, which traversed the nation’s skies in February.

The Biden administration had initially planned to conceal the presence of a Chinese espionage airship, whose presence hurt and humiliated the nation earlier this year, according to an NBC News report cited by The New York Post.

However, this plan was abandoned when civilians observed the large white balloon in Montana, as revealed in a recent critical report.

A former senior US official disclosed to NBC News on Friday, nearly 11 months after the balloon entered American airspace that the initial intention was to covertly monitor the balloon and allow it to cross over without public awareness.

“Before it was spotted publicly, there was the intention to study it and let it pass over and not ever tell anyone about it,” the official stated.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command detected the substantial spy balloon entering US airspace over Alaska on January 27.

Commander Gen. Glen VanHerck immediately contacted Gen. Mark Milley, President Biden’s chief military advisor, to alert the administration of this concerning breach.

Despite this, President Biden was not briefed until January 31.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who was heavily engaged in a diplomatic mission to Asia, did not initially address the situation, as indicated by various officials from both the administration and Congress.

“They weren’t paying attention,” a senior US official said, commenting on this oversight.

By that time, the balloon, approximately the size of three school buses and equipped with solar panels and surveillance equipment, had already crossed half of Canada and re-entered the US over Montana.

It was actively transmitting data it gathered from military locations back to Beijing.

The Biden administration maintained its silence until numerous Americans visibly spotted the balloon.

The situation escalated when the Billings Gazette, a local newspaper in Montana, published photographs of the unusual aerial object on February 2, causing nationwide consternation.

On February 4, after the balloon had traversed the entire continent, US Air Force jets downed it over the Atlantic Ocean near South Carolina.

It was only after this event that members of Congress received comprehensive briefings.