Biden Slammed By Protest Vote

( – In a new humiliation to Joe Biden exposing further the brewing conflict among lefties, nearly 50,000 voters in the Democrat primary in Wisconsin chose to vote for an “uninstructed” delegation instead of supporting the incumbent president.

This act of protest in the Democrat primary in Wisconsin on Tuesday was a direct response to their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s approach to the ongoing war between vital US ally Israel and the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas, Newsmax observes in a report.

The 48,000 “uninstructed” votes, which constitutes about 8% of the total cast, starkly contrasts with the 2020 primary, where the “uninstructed” option was selected by fewer than 5,000 voters.

This shift highlights a growing concern among voters, as noted by The Hill, especially considering that the “uninstructed” primary votes exceeded the margin by which Biden led former President Donald Trump in the general election.

Contrastingly, the Republican primary saw a mere 2% of voters opting for the “uninstructed” choice, indicating a clear divergence in party responses to the situation.

The Democrat primary protest vote was celebrated by the far-left activist group Listen to Wisconsin

“We had three weeks to pull off a presidential primary election,” Listen to Wisconsin said in an X post.

“Lots of tiring days and sleepless nights. But we would do it over again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Wisconsin for making your voices heard today!” it added.

Their efforts and the subsequent voter turnout far surpassed their initial goal of securing 20,000 votes, indicating a strong sentiment among the electorate.

This movement has resonated beyond Wisconsin, contributing to a total of 26 protest delegates across various states, with notable participation in Washington, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Despite this, the “uninstructed” votes in Wisconsin did not translate into delegate representation due to failing to meet the 15% support threshold required for delegation.

Amidst growing criticism, there are calls for Biden to endorse a comprehensive cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, where Israel is fighting to eradicate the Hamas terrorists, a stance he has yet to take.

This criticism is further amplified by progressive voices such as Nina Turner, who publicly urged Biden to reconsider his loyalty towards Israel’s conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

She has suggested that if Biden fails to do so, it could potentially influence the upcoming election in favor of former President Donald Trump.

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