Trump Wins if This Is True

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – In a development likely to secure the presidency for Donald Trump, new polling data from a Democrat firm projects that the former president far outpaces President Joe Biden in support among the Hispanic and Latino populations in five key swing states.

This information, disclosed by journalist Adrian Carrasquillo and derived from Equis Research’s findings, suggests Trump is leading against Biden among Latino voters in Nevada, Florida, and Texas, while being on par with the president in Arizona.

Among these states, only in Pennsylvania does Biden hold a marginal lead over Trump, National Review reports.

The survey, conducted in January, suggests an overall advantage for Trump, with a 41 percent to 34 percent lead over Biden in these states, while 17 percent of respondents expressed support for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

A detailed examination in Politico by Carrasquillo on Thursday highlighted the potential impact of Kennedy’s rising support within the Latino community.

Should this trend persist, it could significantly fragment the Latino coalition that backed Biden in the 2020 election, potentially leading to a profound shift in the Democratic coalition and altering the electoral landscape.

This trend follows recent elections where Trump and the Republican Party have gained traction among Hispanic voters, notably in regions with heavy Hispanic populations such as South Florida and the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas.

Giancarlo Sopo, who spearheaded Trump’s Hispanic advertising campaign in 2020, pointed out Trump’s growing popularity among Hispanic voters and Biden’s declining support in favor of Kennedy.

“I’m not the least bit surprised by that,” Sopo said.

He attributed Biden’s difficulty in engaging with Hispanic voters to various factors. He noted the youthful demographic profile of the Hispanic community, their tendency to have larger families, and the economic challenges they face due to rising inflation under Biden’s administration.

“Biden’s Latino outreach has been clumsy at best,” Sopo noted.

He stressed the administration’s promotion of politically correct terminology such as “LatinX” and Biden’s recent retraction of his use of the term “illegal” in reference to a suspect in a criminal case, following criticism from the political left.

“No blue-collar Hispanic guy who works roofing, or as a mechanic, or runs a taco truck, is preoccupied with pronouns,” Sopo pointed out.

“Trump, culturally, has a lot more in common with your average blue-collar Latino than most Democrats would ever care to recognize. Trump’s personae as a bull in a China shop and kind of this rambunctious billionaire is very appealing to many blue-collar Hispanics,” he added.

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