Trump Takes Drastic Action

( – With the leftist judicial onslaught against Donald Trump in full swing, the former president is forced to resort to drastic measures – and he is now expected to sue the judge presiding over his “hush money” trial in order to challenge the latter’s sweeping gag order against him.

Trump is set to initiate legal proceedings against New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan at an appellate level, aiming to challenge a comprehensive gag order Merchan issued, according to Breitbart News.

This move comes amid Trump’s contention that Merchan, who oversees the criminal case against him in New York, should step aside due to a perceived conflict of interest.

This perceived conflict stems from revelations regarding Merchan’s daughter’s employment at a Democrat consulting firm, which played a role in supporting President Biden’s 2020 campaign efforts.

Trump is pushing for Merchan’s recusal, arguing that the justice’s impartiality is compromised by his daughter’s association with a firm that backed a political adversary.

This legal action threatens to delay the prosecution led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, as reported by the New York Times.

“The lawsuit was not immediately made public, but court records showed on Monday that Mr. Trump was filing an action against the judge, Juan M. Merchan, in an 11th-hour bid to delay the case. An online court docket where Mr. Trump is filing the action showed that the related paperwork was sealed. … And the appeals court might act fast to reject it. A single appeals court judge will most likely issue a preliminary ruling on Monday, setting up a full five-judge panel to consider Mr. Trump’s request in the coming days,” the NYT reports, cited by Breitbart.

“Mr. Trump’s lawyers have tried several times to delay the trial, but this is their first attempt in an appeals court. The former president, who is again the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is aiming to push all four of his criminal cases past Election Day. If he wins, the cases are likely to grind to a halt,” The Times reports further.

The gag order in question bars Trump from publicly discussing the trial’s witnesses, legal counsel (excluding Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg), court staff, DA’s office staff, and their family members. The restriction is specifically aimed at preventing any interference with the case’s legal processes or prejudicing potential jurors.

In a defiant statement, Trump expressed that it would be his “GREAT HONOR” to emulate “modern day Nelson Mandela” by facing incarceration for voicing his criticisms against Merchan.

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