Nikki: Trump Has Declined (Video)

( – Former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC), currently running for the Republican presidential nomination, made a controversial statement on “CBS Mornings” about the mental acuity of former President Donald Trump that has angered both Trump and his dedicated supporters.

See the video below.

During her interview with co-host Nate Burleson, Haley addressed concerns about Trump’s cognitive state, asserting that there’s an undeniable mental decline at his age, a fact that she believes applies universally, regardless of who it is.

She emphasized this point by recalling how Trump repeatedly confused her with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, highlighting a noticeable change from his persona in 2016.

Haley didn’t stop there. She also commented on Joe Biden’s performance, suggesting a decline in his abilities since taking office.

Her argument pivoted to the need for fresh, younger leadership, underscoring her candidacy as a step toward this new direction.

Haley expressed a personal stake in this matter, voicing her desire for a better future for her children and stressing that leaders in their eighties might not be capable of providing a robust eight-year term.