NEW: Trump’s Message to Israel

( – Worried about the current war situation in the Middle East while maintaining his position on who he sides with in the conflict, former President Donald Trump is expressing concerns that Israel is not effectively managing its public relations amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In a conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Trump particularly criticized the release of footage showing destruction in the region, “Every night, they’re releasing tapes of a building falling down. They shouldn’t be releasing tapes like that.”

Trump said in an interview broadcast, “[T]hey’re doing, that’s why they’re losing the PR war. They, Israel is absolutely losing the PR war.”

The conflict in question escalated following an attack Hamas did on October 7, which led to significant casualties, including 1,170 Israelis and foreigners, primarily civilians.

The situation was further intensified when Palestinian militants took hostages of around 250 individuals, with a portion of them still held in Gaza.

Trump emphasized the urgency of resolving the conflict to restore normalcy and secure a conclusive victory while expressing worry over the prolonged nature of the confrontation.

Likewise, his comments reflected a broader discourse on the international stage, where Israel has faced increased scrutiny over the humanitarian impact of its military actions in Gaza.

Such actions included extensive damage to infrastructure and the health system that created a severe humanitarian crisis for the territory’s 2.4 million residents.

These observations were made in the context of evolving U.S. policy toward the conflict under Joe Biden, who has signaled a potential shift in stance due to escalating frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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