Biden Campaign Losing Key Demo

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – Ahead of the most important election of the century, Joe Biden keeps losing voters for many reasons, but this time, the key demographics that are starting to abandon him might hurt him the most.

Quentin Fulks, a key figure in President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, addressed concerns about waning support among black voters.

Despite polling indicating a shift in enthusiasm, particularly among young black voters, Fulks emphasized the urgency of the current political landscape and the threat posed by Republican policies.

Fulks, serving as Biden’s principal deputy campaign manager, responded to Martha Raddatz’s question about the dip in Biden’s support within the black community.

He asserted that the Biden administration has been unprecedented in its efforts and achievements for African Americans.

This bold claim comes amid indications that some black voters, especially in crucial battleground states, are reconsidering their support, potentially even leaning towards former President Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner.

The concern about black voter turnout is shared by prominent figures like Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), a major Biden supporter and influential black congressman.

Clyburn has expressed his worries, particularly in penetrating the “MAGA wall,” and has highlighted the need for actions like canceling student loan debt. Vice President Kamala Harris also points to messaging as a significant hurdle.

Fulks spoke about the Biden campaign’s strategy to actively engage black voters, underscoring the importance of communicating the administration’s achievements, such as addressing the racial wealth gap and protecting healthcare from Republican policies.

He stressed the campaign’s commitment to reaching out to the African American community, including significant advertising expenditures and grassroots organizing, to demonstrate that their support is not taken for granted and must be earned.