Another Sign Biden Is Unfit?! (VIDEO)

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – In a brand-new embarrassing, painful-to-watch episode, President Joe Biden has had another “senior moment,” severely questioning his mental acuity and fitness for the post he’s holding – as he has admitted to looking for a lawmaker despite knowing the individual wasn’t present.

See the video of Biden’s new senior moment below!

The 81-year-old experienced a moment of confusion at an event in North Carolina on Thursday.

While addressing the audience, he looked for Representative Deborah Ross (D-NC), mentioning that he had just taken a photograph with her, and then and even joking about it.

However, he soon realized his mistake, acknowledging that Ross was actually in Washington, DC, and he had mistaken someone else for her, The Washington Times reports.

“Where’s Deborah?” Biden asked, scanning the crowd for the North Carolina Democrat.

“I just had my picture taken with her. That’s probably why she left,” he humorously remarked, still appearing puzzled by her absence and continuing his search.

“Oh, she couldn’t be here, actually. That’s not true. I got her mixed up,” Biden eventually admitted.

He then went on to talk about what he described as Ross’s dedication.

“You know, she fights very hard for the people of this district and she’s up in Washington right now,” the president stated.

This slip-up is expected to be highlighted by Republicans and other critics who question President Biden’s mental fitness for office, The Times points out.

They often point to such incidents as evidence of his lack of mental acuity.

At the age of 81, Mr. Biden holds the record as the oldest president in the history of the United States.

His tenure has been marked by various gaffes and moments of apparent confusion, which have been used by political adversaries to question his capabilities due to his age.

White House officials, however, have consistently defended him, asserting that President Biden remains mentally sharp and fully engaged.

A notable instance occurred in September 2022, when President Biden, during a White House conference on ending hunger, asked for the late former US Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana to stand up.

This request was particularly alarming because Walorski had passed away a month earlier, a fact Mr. Biden seemed to have momentarily forgotten.