Another Biden Investigated

( – United States House of Representatives staff are closely examining the transcript from last week’s interview with Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden.

They’re looking for any differences between what he said and what other witnesses have stated, according to top Republican investigators on Sunday.

During a Fox News interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed the ongoing impeachment inquiry focused on corruption allegations against Joe Biden.

James Biden, in his opening remarks, claimed Joe Biden was not involved in his business dealings. However, Comer pointed out that two individuals connected to the Biden family’s business, Devon Archer and Tony Bobulinski, along with other associates, have given accounts that contradict James Biden’s statements.

“They all say the same thing, that the Biden family capitalized off of Joe Biden. And with Jim Biden, he said some things that aren’t consistent with other people who we have interviewed, with other amounts of evidence that we have in the form of text messages and e-mails,” Comer mentioned. “And, right now, as we speak, Maria, our staff is going over, reviewing all that to determine whether or not Jim Biden, in fact, told the truth in his transcribed interview.”

Jim Jordan shared his thoughts, questioning the credibility of James Biden’s deposition. “Who are you going to believe? Jim Biden, who multiple times has changed his story, Jim Biden, who had multiple business ventures that failed, Jim Biden, who had multiple people he still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to, or Tony Bobulinski, whose story has not changed, who’s been a successful business guy, and who came forward and said certain things that Jim Biden just totally disagreed with?”

Jordan highlighted a key discrepancy regarding whether Joe Biden had met with Tony Bobulinski, a claim Jim Biden denied but Bobulinski has consistently affirmed. “Tony Bobulinski has said that for four years and been forward about that. So I don’t think Jim Biden was necessarily square with us in this interview. And, as Chairman Comer mentioned, that’s why the staff is going back through the transcript and figuring out exactly what he said and where that disagrees with what we know to be true.”

While President Biden dismisses the impeachment inquiry as politically motivated, House investigators are gearing up to depose his son, Hunter Biden, next Wednesday.

On the other side, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a leading Democrat on the Oversight Committee, defended James Biden, stating he “explained repeatedly and unequivocally that Joe Biden has ‘never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in his business activities,’ and that Joe Biden never took any official action to benefit his business ventures.” Raskin argued that the deposition supports the evidence that Joe Biden did nothing wrong and urged Republicans to conclude the impeachment inquiry.