VIDEO: Biden Gets Reamed

Joe Biden

( – In a massive new gaffe, Joe Biden uttered a “no comment” remark followed by a bizarre grin when asked about the growing death toll from the catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii.

Biden’s bewildering refusal to answer the reporter’s question about the tragedy in Maui was caught on video and Biden has been repeatedly reamed by critics for his dismissive comment.

You can watch the video further down this post.

“Mr. President, any comment on the rising death toll in Maui?” asked a press pool reporter as the president was leaving the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware, where he owns a luxury vacation home.

80-year-old Biden answered, “No comment!” and smiled and entered his SUV.

To make the blunder even more embarrassing for the president, his blunt remark came after he had spent hours relaxing on the beach.

“After a couple hours on the Rehoboth beach, @potus was asked about the rising death toll in Hawaii. ‘No comment,’ he said before heading home,” tweeted Bloomberg’s White House reporter Justin Sink, who posted a photo of Biden on the beach.

The president’s gaffe, when asked about the Maui victims, occurred Sunday night after he had arrived in Rehoboth, Delaware, on Saturday. Biden returned to the White House Monday morning.

His Twitter account also didn’t mention anything recently about the blaze devastation in Hawaii.

“You have to go back 25 to see anything regarding Maui. The president is at his beach house in Delaware, where he just gave a ‘no comment’ to a reporter asking about Maui. Stunning,” tweeted Joe Concha, a columnist for The Messenger.

The president’s last tweet about the situation in Hawaii is from August 10, The Washington Times reports.

“Jill and I send our deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the wildfires in Maui. Our prayers are with those whose homes, businesses, and communities are destroyed,” Biden’s account wrote.

The Maui wildfires have become the deadliest in the nation’s modern history, with at least 96 people dead, more than 1,000 missing, and at least $5 billion worth of damage.

“Biden doesn’t give AF about the suffering people of Maui. Or the suffering people of East Palestine, Ohio. Or the suffering people in the border towns. Or the suffering people anywhere in America,” tweeted Monica Crowley, former assistant Treasury secretary.

Here is the video: