Trump: ‘I Don’t Think They’ll Have A Choice’

Donald Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump has dealt a new public blow to his presumed 2024 election rival Joe Biden by assuming the possibility that Democrats might eventually be compelled to exclude the incumbent president from their electoral lineup.

Trump conveyed these thoughts during a conversation with radio host Hugh Hewitt, in which he also addressed Biden’s earlier debate invitation presented in a video featuring rapid edits and a challenge for Trump to “make my day.”

“President Biden just issued you a debate challenge for June and September with the veeps talking in July. Do you accept?” Hewitt queried.

Trump’s response was affirmative.

“Oh, absolutely. I’ve been trying to get, you know, he’s issuing it. I wonder whether or not he shows up, because you know, he also challenged me to golf. So I’m a very good golfer. He can’t hit a ball 50 yards. He said I’ll give him three a side, but he knows he’ll never play. This is sort of like that, I think. But I hope not, because I really think he has to debate,” the former president declared.

Trump suggested that it would be advantageous for Biden to engage in the debates sooner rather than later.

“He might as well get it over with, probably should do it early so that he can, you know, because he’s not going to get any better. … Every day is a down factor for him,” he added.

Hewitt, probing further, inquired about the likelihood of Biden being replaced at the Democratic convention due to health issues.

“Do you think if his infirmity increases, they will dump him, Mr. President, at the convention, replace him with Kamala or Gavin or someone like that?”

To which Trump responded affirmatively, “I do. I do,” and noted, “I don’t think they’ll have a choice.”

When asked about potential replacements, Trump was unsure but critical of one of the speculated candidates.

“I don’t know. I mean, Gavin’s a terrible governor, Gavin Newscum, he’s a terrible governor. I think he does a terrible job,” he asserted.

Trump then lamented the state of California under Governor Newsom’s leadership, despite its natural allure.

“Everything is so good, but he just does a terrible job,” Trump concluded.

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