Lara Trump: ‘I Would Be Honored’

( – Lara Trump shared her hopes on Sunday about possibly becoming the next co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Speaking on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” she highlighted the urgency of the upcoming November election to change what she sees as the country’s current poor leadership.

“Well, the committee has to ultimately vote me in. If that’s what they decide to do, I would be honored to have this position, because … I think there’s no time to waste,” Lara Trump said. She stressed the critical nature of the election, “We have 10 months to go really before what I think we can all feel right now in this country … is the most important election any of us have ever seen.”

Last week, there was talk about Lara Trump aiming for a spot in the RNC. Her father-in-law supported her for the co-chair position, saying she is “an extremely talented communicator who is dedicated to all that MAGA stands for.” He also backed Michael Whatley for RNC chair.

Lara Trump, married to Eric Trump, has been active with the RNC and its donors since Donald Trump was president. If she and Whatley win their elections, it could mean the Trump family would have significant influence over the RNC.

On Sunday, Lara Trump talked about the need to get Donald Trump back as president, saying, “we are poised to lose the country.” She pointed out the world’s instability due to poor leadership. “And you don’t win a presidential campaign without the aid of the Republican National Committee. And so if I am chosen as co-chair, what I can tell you is that we really do have a lot of work to get done.”

She plans to focus on election integrity and make sure “that nothing is left to chance.” Lara Trump also mentioned the importance of fundraising and making donors feel confident about where their money is going. She promised to use “every single penny” of RNC funds to help reelect Donald Trump.

“And we really have to hit this thing head-on,” she added. “We have a lot of work to do. There’s a little time to go between now and November 5. And, look, we’re going to hit the ground running as soon as and if I am elected as co-chair of the RNC.”

Lara Trump dismissed concerns about the impact of Donald Trump’s legal challenges on his election chances.

Despite facing 91 criminal charges across four indictments and several civil lawsuits, she believes nothing can stop him. “He … probably has the most energy of any person I have ever seen in my life. He’s incredible. Nothing will stop him,” she said. She thinks the indictments are meant to discourage him but insists, “Absolutely not. He’s going forward because I think he knows … he is truly the only person who can do the job that we need to bring this country back, to put us back on the right track, to stabilize the world.”