Hunter’s Attorney Blames Who for His Crimes?!

( – Hunter Biden’s legal team has gone on the offensive in the public relations realm as one of his attorneys has blamed “right-wing media” for making “false” corruption allegations against his client.

The bewildering claims by Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, come after a long string of revelations that the Biden family has received at least $20 million from pro-regime figures in Putin’s Russia and Communist China as well as companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania.

At the same time, an FBI informant file exposed by congressional Republicans claims Joe and Hunter Biden were bribed by a pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch with $5 million each.

In another severe blow to the notorious first son, a Delaware US judge rejected his probation-only plea deal with his dad’s Justice Department last month, in which he agreed to plead guilty to minor tax charges and evade a gun charge.

In a Sunday interview with the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Lowell declared the US Justice Department and Delaware US attorney David Weiss had five years – since 2018 – during which they could have investigated Hunter Biden for failing to register as a foreign agent. under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The staggering recent revelations indicate that Hunter used his father’s position for influence-peddling and international corruption schemes.

“After five years and what we know happened in the grand jury, of course, that had to be part of what the prosecutor has already looked at, as well as every other false allegation made by the right-wing media and others, whether it’s corruption or FARA or money laundering,” Hunter Biden’s lawyer declared.

“That was part of what this prosecutor’s office had to have been looking over for five years,” Lowell added, as cited by The Washington Times.

Even though his client’s plea deal with the DOJ fell through last month despite the two sides’ attempts to modify it to get the judge’s approval, the attorney insisted that the agreement made perfect sense.

“I can assure you that five years concluded that the only two charges that made sense were two misdemeanors for failing to file [taxes] like millions of Americans do, and a diverted gun charge for the 11 days that Hunter possessed a gun,” Lowell claimed.