Hugh Hewitt: ‘It Is Time for Him to Go’

( – A strong new call for Joe Biden’s immediate resignation has come from Hugh Hewitt, as the prominent conservative pundit insists it’s “time for him to go,” pointing out the president’s “erratic” and “infirm” behavior during recent public appearances –  increasingly rare as those might be.

In an opinion piece for, Hewitt publicly urges Biden to step down because he seems unable to execute the responsibilities of his office effectively.

The conservative commentator dwells on the widespread and growing concerns about Biden’s physical and mental state.

“We have known for some time that the president is infirm, but infirmity goes to physical capacity. He moves stiffly. He tires. Public events are rare and always fraught. The president is now also revealed as impaired. He cannot remember basic facts. He cannot deliver even the simplest line,” Hewitt writes.

He further elaborated on Joe Biden’s apparent all-out unfitness for office.

“Reports of his angry temper and his profanity are consistent, if not with dementia, then certainly with an inability to weigh and judge important matters with a calm and coherent mind,” the pundit notes.

These remarks come after increasing scrutiny over Biden’s mental sharpness and suitability for the presidency.

That has been spurred by a critical report from US Special Counsel Robert Hur on the president’s mishandling of classified papers that highlighted instances of Biden struggling to remember significant events in his life.

Despite these concerns, Biden has defended his cognitive abilities, asserting in a recent press conference that his memory is “fine.”

He has dismissed questions about his fitness for office due to his age, insisting that he remains the most capable presidential candidate.

The president’s supporters have also come to his defense over the weekend, describing him as “probing” and “intense” in private settings and asserting his adequacy for another term.

However, Hewitt, a veteran conservative voice, cites in his article a series of governance issues under Biden’s leadership.

Those include the crisis at the Southern Border, the inflationary impact of his economic policies, and increased aggression from Iran in the Middle East.

He emphasized the implications of having an “erratic and infirm president” through Israel’s perspective as a cautionary tale for the United States.

Hewitt pleaded for those close to the president to advise him candidly.

He emphasized the urgency for Biden to resign “before another crisis arrives, one which he is simply not capable of handling.”