VIDEO: American Protesters Shut Bridge Down

( – In a new outrage showcasing the clueless impudence of pro-terrorist lefty crazies, a group of demonstrators shut down the Manhattan Bridge in NYC to demand a ceasefire between US ally Israel and the Hamas terror group – never mind that a ceasefire had been in place for three days.

The nation has been plagued with pro-terror rallies since October 7 when the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad massacred over 1,400 people in Israel – and the Israelis dared to go on the offensive to defend themselves and punish the murderers.

On Sunday afternoon, leftists demanding “Palestinian rights” disrupted traffic in New York City by assembling at the Manhattan Bridge’s entrance.

They urged a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, despite an existing ceasefire that had been in place since Friday, The New York Post reports.

The protest resulted in several arrests as hundreds of demonstrators occupied the East River overpass, a critical traffic artery.

They expressed their demands vociferously, chanting “Let Gaza Live” and wearing shirts with the message “Cease Fire Now.”

Their presence and actions aimed to prompt President Joe Biden to reconsider the United States’ support for Israel’s military actions.

“Business as usual cannot continue, as thousands of Palestinians are trapped under the rubble,” said Jay Saper, representing the Jewish Voice for Peace, which organized the protest.

He underscored the group’s call for a permanent and lasting ceasefire, claiming broad support among Americans based on polling.

The demonstrators also urged the United States to cease its military support for Israel, pressing for an end to what they described as an assault on the Gaza Strip, the main base for Hamas.

“We don’t believe there is a military solution. We believe the causes of violence are oppression. We first need to address 75 years of Israeli apartheid. Sixteen years of suffering and blockade against the people of Gaza,” Saper said.

The protest led to the arrest of three individuals, as confirmed by law enforcement sources. The tension of the situation was further heightened when a protester was seen spray painting “Gaza” on a bridge support beam.

Despite the organizers’ claims of extensive support, the demonstration’s impact on traffic flow agitated many New Yorkers.

Simultaneously, in Hicksville, Long Island, a separate group of protesters assembled outside a Dunkin’ Donuts, then marched past the offices of Northrop Grumman, a defense contractor, protesting against military action in Gaza