RFK Jr Throws Down the Gauntlet at Trump

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(DCWatchdog.com) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has issued a challenge to former President Donald Trump, urging him to engage in a formal debate at the upcoming Libertarian Party convention.

See RFK Jr.’s challenge to Trump in the tweet below!

Kennedy, who briefly considered affiliating with the Libertarian Party after an unsuccessful attempt to secure the Democratic nomination, is eager to confront Trump at the event scheduled for later this month in Washington, The Hill points out in a report.

Kennedy extended his invitation in a detailed message posted on X on Tuesday.

“I’d like to make you an offer. We’re both going to be speaking at the upcoming Libertarian convention on May 24 and 25. It’s perfect neutral territory for you and me to have a debate where you can defend your record for your wavering supporters,” he wrote.

He added a reminder of Trump’s previous openness to a debate.

“You yourself have said you’re not afraid to debate me as long as my poll numbers are decent. Well, they are. In fact, I’m the only presidential candidate in history who has polled ahead of both major party candidates in head-to-head races,” Kennedy added.

He cited polling data from Zogby, which shows him leading Trump in a hypothetical two-candidate race, excluding President Biden from the scenario.

In his post, Kennedy also expressed a collective challenge.

“So let’s meet in a couple of weeks and show the American public that at least two of the major candidates aren’t afraid to debate each other,” he said.

Kennedy has been actively seeking debates with both Trump and Biden in recent weeks, aiming to elevate his profile to that of the mainstream front-runners.

The possibility of a debate involving Kennedy is met with skepticism from both Republicans and Democrats, largely due to Trump’s reluctance to participate in debates this election cycle and Biden’s similarly non-committal stance.

According to the report, the Libertarian convention could potentially provide a more balanced platform for Kennedy and Trump, allowing them to appeal to voters whose political affiliations and ideologies are less distinctly aligned with the traditional parties.

Despite engaging with Libertarian officials and leaders about a possible third-party candidacy, Kennedy decided against joining the Libertarian Party.

He remains committed to continuing his independent campaign with the goal of qualifying for the ballot in all 50 states. Currently, his campaign has achieved this in 10 states and expects to meet more deadlines as the election cycle progresses.

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