Ramaswamy Attacks Trump

(DCWatchdog.com) – In an attempt to win sympathy while delivering a striking message to Iowa voters, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy cautioned people against the ‘so-called’ risk of endorsing Donald Trump as the GOP nominee.

Despite trailing significantly behind Trump in Iowa polls, with Trump leading at 51.3% and Ramaswamy at 5.9%, he boldly encouraged voters to consider a strategic shift.

Ramaswamy’s appeal to Iowa’s electorate was framed as a tactical move, urging them to avoid what he describes as a “trap.”

His rhetoric suggested a need for renewal within the Republican Party, positioning himself as an “America First candidate” with the energy and insight to propel the movement forward without the baggage he associates with Trump.

Ramaswamy’s call to action emphasized the importance of selecting a leader who isn’t “wounded” by past political battles, implying that Trump’s contentious history might hinder the party’s future progress.

The business mogul, despite having defended Trump in the past, now seems to be distancing himself from the former president, underscoring his belief that the America First movement transcends any single individual.

This sentiment was echoed in his assertion that the movement “belongs to you, the people of this country,” framing his candidacy as more inclusive and representative of Republican voters at large.

Meanwhile, Trump, in a recent post on Truth Social, commented on Ramaswamy’s campaign dynamics, including the cancellation of advertisements in key states and speculated on a potential endorsement from Ramaswamy.

However, Ramaswamy has previously stated his refusal to serve as Trump’s running mate, indicating a clear intention to carve out his own path in the Republican landscape.